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×New Signum Hardfork (Speedway) at block 941100! Make sure to update your Signum node to version 3.2.1 here

Promoted Tokens will show as a sticky in the table.
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To promote a token do the following:
Send any amount of Signa to S-EKUS-4TZY-ZZ5Z-BPNSH and add an encrypted message with ONLY a Token ID in it.
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* 1 Signa is equal 1 day promotion
* Promotions will not stack on days but do stack in regards to ranking (amount donated)
* The more you promote you token (amount of signa) the higher ranking on the Token index page
* If a Token is promoted with more then 300 Signa (300+ ranking) and has a banner it will appear on the Token index page View example
(Clicking the banner will send the user to the Token inspection page)
* If top ranking is shared a random order/banner will be displayed
* Promotion cannot be more than 31 days
* Promotions expires after the amount of Signa used for promotion. Promtion over 31 Signa will expire after 31 days

If you make two promotion on your Token: Day 1: 31 Signa in one transaction - Day 2 and 200 Signa in another transaction.
The 31 Signa transaction will promote the Token for 31 days
The 200 Signa will be added to you Rranking as your Token is already promoted but will expire after 31 days as this is the promotion limit
As you payed 231 Signa in total within the 31 protion days the 231 Signa is your ranking score on the Token index page.
If other Token want to get higher on the ranking page they need to promote their Token more then 231 Signa.
When the Day 1 transaction expire after 31 days the Day 2 tranaction still have one day before expire and therefor your Token is still promoted but with a ranking of 200 as 31 Singa just expired
Click the Token name on the Token page to see the ranking score

To find a Token ID:
* Click "View" for the selected token on this page
* On the Token page click the following icon: View example
* Then copy the Token ID View example

* Be aware that promotion fees are subject to change if needed

Token banner
* Only Token owner account can upload a banner
* Send 50 Signa to S-6TE9-7KGM-YQAC-G56HZ (one time fee) from the Token issuer account and add an encrypted message with ONLY banner:tokenID View example
* Within a few block you will receive an encrypted message with an activation link
* Banner will only show on promoted token
* Want a new banner? Do the steps above again
* Banner must be 80x400px (Height x Width), png format and less than 100kb
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